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Why choose a Small Independent Music Company?

Reception1411) Product Knowledge

Smaller companies tend to have fewer employees. Therefore these guys REALLY need to know their stuff in order to do their job well.  Smaller companies have a bigger overall picture and more detailed product knowledge.

2) Specialist Options

Whilst the options might be fewer, the quality will be very high and specialised. That’s because smaller companies rely on their products working really well as they represent their brand. They will also tend to know their musicians personally, and will have used and worked with them more often.
3) Value for Money

In other industries, bigger companies are cheaper as they sell in bulk. However, with musicians this isn’t the case. Musician fees aren’t reduced because there are more of them. The fee is the same regardless. So the bigger companies won’t be cheaper, in fact they tend to be more expensive as they have bigger administration fees.

WP-Jasper-and-Ruby-4) Personal Contact

Small companies tend to have a tight team. That means you can really get to know and trust them. Meeting up for a coffee to talk over ideas is quite common and it’s much better to meet someone and trust them before agreeing to a contract.

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5) Support Small Businesses

Buying local and supporting small businesses is great for the community and the economy!  Learn more about Small Business Saturday here.

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