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A Middle-Eastern Soundscape: The Sounds of Israel

Walking through the streets of the Old City in Jerusalem, the senses are overwhelmed by sounds, smells and sights.  The music you hear falls into one of two categories – call to prayer, or call to stall.

The call to prayer and the singing of the Koran are amplified, echoing around the alleyways numerous times throughout the day.  CD stalls play arabian music, luring you to their wares whilst other sellers shout of their goods, adding to the cacophony.

Travel north to Galilee and the sounds are much calmer.  At the Ein Gev Harbour a boat of schoolchildren leave the Kibbutz and sail out onto the Sea of Galilee.

The water and the mountains surrounding the sea create a natural amphitheatre: the music played by the children on the boat can still be heard clearly, despite them reaching the other side of the sea.

It’s no wonder Jesus chose to speak from the middle of this sea…the best of natural acoustics.

Traditional Instruments

Dome of the Rock and Wailing Wall

Nets at En Gev Harbour

Sunset over the Sea of Galilee












~Post by Lani Charlwood, Blue Flamingo’s head of PR

(all photos courtesy of Charlwood Photography)