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Travelling on the Underground with a Full Drum Kit: Tips from Daoud Merchant

Travelling with drummer Daoud Merchant post-gig recently, BF had an insight into navigating with full drums on the Underground.  Here are some top tips BF learnt from him!

2001) Pack Tight and Small: Daoud has an amazing pack down kit (Whitney Drums Nesting Penguin) which he has on a trolley attached using bungie cables, then cymbals on his back.  Literally a walking drum kit.

Victoria-line-Picture2-500x2982) Aim High with Raised Paving: Some platforms have raised paving to meet the height of the carriage (especially the Victoria line).  This is for wheelchair and luggage access: aim for this part of the platform!  It means you don’t have to lift heavy equipment – you can just roll it on.

giphy-23) Look for Young Couples:  One of the biggest obstacles to tube travel is stairs.  However, show you’re struggling near to a young couple and often the gentleman will want to impress his lady by showing strength and helpfulness.  Two birds with one stone: kit transported down stairs, chap glowing in his lady’s eyes.

U61XM54) Stand by the door most used, Kit in front of you: Otherwise all passengers will see is a gap in people at the other end/side of the carriage – and keep pushing.  They can’t see all your kit on the floor.  That way they know straight away that there is less space available (not sure if this will prevent irritation…though, we try!)

giphy-35) Get Ready Early: so you can get off quickly.  It takes time to get everything ready!

Thanks for the tips Daoud!

First Published 11/10/11


Playing ‘Take the A-Train’ to trains, in a train station….

Blue Flaming Jazz Quartet Support Railway Children in Euston Train Station

We had the great privilege of supporting the Railway Children charity in their “Three Peaks by Rail”.  You can read a little more of what that’s all about here.  Keep in touch with their exploits on their Facebook page.

Here’s a small video of what we did:

A Blue Flamingo highlight was playing “Take the A-Train” to a train, at a train station…

blue flamingo by train, take the a train

And there were some splendid speeches, including one by Norman Baker MP

blue flamingo speech MP railway children euston station blue flamingo norman baker



PRESS RELEASE: Blue Flamingo Support Railway Children’s Three Peak Challenge

Blue Flamingo Press Release: Blue Flamingo to support ‘The Railway Children’ Three Peaks by Challenge at Euston Station June 20th.
Blue Flamingo Entertainments


Blue Flamingo support Railway Children’s
Three Peak Challenge
Euston Station 20th June

Blue Flamingo The Railway Children

Blue Flamingo will be supporting Railway Children’s ‘Three Peaks Challenge by Rail’ by playing at their send-off from Platform 18 Euston Station on June 20th at 3pm.  It is expected that Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin will attend.

Blue Flamingo are entrenched in London’s music scene and are passionate about using music to support the city’s charities. Alongside other previous projects, including the Arts Council funded Edmonton Flamingos in North London, Blue Flamingo mix their two greatest loves – music and London – to help make a real difference.

The Three Peaks Challenge is ‘the only event that does the three peaks by rail.  The train departs from Euston on Thursday afternoon, stopping at Crewe on the way to Snowdon which is climbed overnight. The team then head for Ravenglass to climb Scafell Pike before a night on the train up to Fort William to climb the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis.’

The Railway Children ‘is an international children’s charity, fighting for vulnerable children who live alone at risk on the streets, where they suffer abuse and exploitation.’

Blue Flamingo is a live music and promotion company, providing bands and live music for events and promoting London’s music scene worldwide.

Blue Flamingo:
The Railway Children:
Tel: 07917 164 925
Copyright © 2013 Blue Flamingo, All rights reserved.

A Middle-Eastern Soundscape: The Sounds of Israel

Walking through the streets of the Old City in Jerusalem, the senses are overwhelmed by sounds, smells and sights.  The music you hear falls into one of two categories – call to prayer, or call to stall.

The call to prayer and the singing of the Koran are amplified, echoing around the alleyways numerous times throughout the day.  CD stalls play arabian music, luring you to their wares whilst other sellers shout of their goods, adding to the cacophony.

Travel north to Galilee and the sounds are much calmer.  At the Ein Gev Harbour a boat of schoolchildren leave the Kibbutz and sail out onto the Sea of Galilee.

The water and the mountains surrounding the sea create a natural amphitheatre: the music played by the children on the boat can still be heard clearly, despite them reaching the other side of the sea.

It’s no wonder Jesus chose to speak from the middle of this sea…the best of natural acoustics.

Traditional Instruments

Dome of the Rock and Wailing Wall

Nets at En Gev Harbour

Sunset over the Sea of Galilee












~Post by Lani Charlwood, Blue Flamingo’s head of PR

(all photos courtesy of Charlwood Photography)


The Mellifluous Music of Marrakech, Morocco

Spent a few days in Marrakech, Morocco, and we were charmed by the music!  Arabian Flutes, the traditional Gnawa musicians, the drums… here are a few photos!


~post by Leah, MD BF