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Top 5 “Call Me Maybe” Covers

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There are so many of these bouncing around twitter and facebook, we decided to compile our favourites…

1. “Share it Maybe” by Cookie Monster. ‘You got COOKIE, so share it maybe…’ (twitter: SesameStreet)

2. “Farm it Maybe” by Lil’ Fred. A Brit’s guide to the midwest… (twitter: LittleFred2008)

3. Miami Dolphins vs. US Marines. Cheerleaders and Soldiers.  Quite. (twitter: MiamiDolphins)

4. Denmark’s Bottle Boys in fine form… (twitter: TheBottleBoys)

5. Abercrombie & Fitch.  Ahem. (twitter: Abercrombie)

And just for reference, here’s Carly Rae’s original (twitter: CarlyRaeJepson)