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Playing ‘Take the A-Train’ to trains, in a train station….

Blue Flaming Jazz Quartet Support Railway Children in Euston Train Station

We had the great privilege of supporting the Railway Children charity in their “Three Peaks by Rail”.  You can read a little more of what that’s all about here.  Keep in touch with their exploits on their Facebook page.

Here’s a small video of what we did:

A Blue Flamingo highlight was playing “Take the A-Train” to a train, at a train station…

blue flamingo by train, take the a train

And there were some splendid speeches, including one by Norman Baker MP

blue flamingo speech MP railway children euston station blue flamingo norman baker



Blue Flamingo Supports Railway Children’s ‘Three Peaks Challenge by Rail’

We are pleased to announce we shall be musically supporting the Railway Children‘s Three Peaks Challenge by Rail on June 20th at Euston Station.

Railway Children “fight for children living on the streets, providing protection and opportunity for children with nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to.”

Come join us on June 20th at Euston Station Platform 18 at 3pm to cheer the atheletes on!

Three Peaks by Rail train, with sign on the front