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Does it matter what the musicians you hire look like?

We’ve had clients make various requests over the years ‘We really want a female sax player’, ‘The men have to have long hair’, ‘The band have to be ‘good looking”.

Is it right to hire musicians according to how they look?

Being appropriately dressed and looking smart is hugely important, especially if it’s a black tie event or party for example.

Never hire someone because they have the right ‘look’. Hire people based on both their musical ability and personal character.

If your event is themed, for example a ‘girls only’ night, then having an entirely female band is totally appropriate.

The music comes first. The purpose is not to have a handsome/beautiful musician, but to have Great Music! Support Musicians!

For some bands a stylish ethos is an important part of their brand, so hiring someone who is willing to be a part of that is really important.

We just don’t want to pass on the superficial culture that seems to abound. Bands that have a mix of people tend to have various creative influences that makes for a better sound!



5 Things you didn’t know about Down Street Band

1. They are named after the street where a few of them met, Down Street in Mayfair.

2. They recorded all their songs in one long day, including videos and photos!

3. The most popular event they play for is wedding receptions.

4. Their most requested first dance song is Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

5. If one of the main players is already busy, they have a pool of about 15 fabulous players who ‘dep’ in and out with them.



Travelling on the Underground with a Full Drum Kit: Tips from Daoud Merchant

Travelling with drummer Daoud Merchant post-gig recently, BF had an insight into navigating with full drums on the Underground.  Here are some top tips BF learnt from him!

2001) Pack Tight and Small: Daoud has an amazing pack down kit (Whitney Drums Nesting Penguin) which he has on a trolley attached using bungie cables, then cymbals on his back.  Literally a walking drum kit.

Victoria-line-Picture2-500x2982) Aim High with Raised Paving: Some platforms have raised paving to meet the height of the carriage (especially the Victoria line).  This is for wheelchair and luggage access: aim for this part of the platform!  It means you don’t have to lift heavy equipment – you can just roll it on.

giphy-23) Look for Young Couples:  One of the biggest obstacles to tube travel is stairs.  However, show you’re struggling near to a young couple and often the gentleman will want to impress his lady by showing strength and helpfulness.  Two birds with one stone: kit transported down stairs, chap glowing in his lady’s eyes.

U61XM54) Stand by the door most used, Kit in front of you: Otherwise all passengers will see is a gap in people at the other end/side of the carriage – and keep pushing.  They can’t see all your kit on the floor.  That way they know straight away that there is less space available (not sure if this will prevent irritation…though, we try!)

giphy-35) Get Ready Early: so you can get off quickly.  It takes time to get everything ready!

Thanks for the tips Daoud!

First Published 11/10/11


On this Day in Music, Feb 17th …..

Puccini’s Madame Butterfly had its world premiere at La Scala in Milan

Bobby Lewis was born

Nancy Sinatra was at No.1 with ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’

Thelonius Monk died

Ed Sheeran was born

Destiny’s Child release Destiny’s Child


The Importance of Feeding Musicians….

Feed musician band hire blue flamingoWe’re not talking about ‘feeding’ them as if they’re pigeons.  More like, why it’s a great idea to feed them if you’ve hired them. Sometimes, people forget and they get a little sad. And grumpy.

A few things to remember…

1. If they’re playing an evening set, that’s dinner time. They’ve been setting up since 15:00. They’re on at 21:00 and it’s 19:00. They’ll be hungry.

2. Hot meals make people way happier than sandwiches. (You know that’s true.)

3. We have learned that: fed musicians = happy musician = epic music.


Why choose a Small Independent Music Company?

Reception1411) Product Knowledge

Smaller companies tend to have fewer employees. Therefore these guys REALLY need to know their stuff in order to do their job well.  Smaller companies have a bigger overall picture and more detailed product knowledge.

2) Specialist Options

Whilst the options might be fewer, the quality will be very high and specialised. That’s because smaller companies rely on their products working really well as they represent their brand. They will also tend to know their musicians personally, and will have used and worked with them more often.
3) Value for Money

In other industries, bigger companies are cheaper as they sell in bulk. However, with musicians this isn’t the case. Musician fees aren’t reduced because there are more of them. The fee is the same regardless. So the bigger companies won’t be cheaper, in fact they tend to be more expensive as they have bigger administration fees.

WP-Jasper-and-Ruby-4) Personal Contact

Small companies tend to have a tight team. That means you can really get to know and trust them. Meeting up for a coffee to talk over ideas is quite common and it’s much better to meet someone and trust them before agreeing to a contract.

small-business-saturday blue flamingo music company small company north london
5) Support Small Businesses

Buying local and supporting small businesses is great for the community and the economy!  Learn more about Small Business Saturday here.

Want to know more? Get in touch! 


Do I have to have a first Dance at my wedding?

Short answer is  No! Of course not!! It’s YOUR day, but here are some things you and your future spouse might like to ponder…

1. Do you really like it?

Do you and your other half actually like dancing in front of other people? If not don’t STRESS! Why not have a ‘bridal party’ dance so there are loads of people dancing with you.

2. We don’t really have a special song

You’d be surprised how long it takes some of our couples to decide on a song. In the end some choose to just cut the cake and let loose as a group, trusting the band with a song that will get people grooving.

3. Just not us

Again – this day is about YOU. Don’t do anything just because ‘it’s tradition’ – especially if it’s not who you are as a couple. Perhaps instead why not ask the kids attending to prepare a dance – they’re sure to love it!

1. Memories

First dances are often one of those ‘must capture’ moments by photographers and are something really special to look back on. Is this something you might want to show the grandkids.

2. Learn to Dance

‘First Dance’ classes are becoming an increasingly popular way for couples to spend time together in the madness before the big day. Why not get some professional tips.

3. Get the Party Started!

From a practical point of view – the first dance is invaluable in getting people to the dance floor. It’s a great way to get people in the dancing mood to celebrate your big day!

Still thinking? Check out some of our best First Dance Ideas here.

Still stuck? Get in touch! We’re always happy to chat!


Why do you write reviews & recommend gigs?

1. We love it

BF MD Leah is a musicologist by training and loves music and reviewing.  It’s a way to express the joy that music brings.

2. We support live music

The Brits (say, in comparison with the Europeans) are not great at going out and getting involved in culture, whether that be dance, art, theatre or music.  So we want you to encourage people to get out there and get involved in the rich culture that’s going on!

3. We support musicians

Sometimes the musicians we review are involved in some of our projects, so we want to support them in their other creative endeavours.  It’s just being a good human really.

4. We respect music

By taking the time to write reviews it shows that we respect what people are working hard for and saying ‘this deserves to be written about’.



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