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Riot Ensemble Advance Tickets for Tuesday 17th

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Missed our last concert? Wondering what to expect on Tuesday?  Listen back to the live, UK premiere of Thomas Kotcheff’s That In Shadow or Moonlight Rises from our concert in Brixton East 1871 on 1st October 2015.

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6 Reasons to go to a House Gig

House gig Blue Flamingo tommy ashby

House Gigs are becoming more and more popular and last week we went to our first one and saw singer/guitar/songwriter Tommy Ashby.  We enjoyed it.  Here are 6 reasons to go to a gig in a living room:

1. Affordable
Two sets of live music, a good meal and good company cost £15.  There are no overheads apart from paying the musician and a bit of home cooked food.  You can’t get that value seeing live music in bigger venues.

2. Accessible
Some people brought their slippers (no joke!).  Anyone can go, and the intimate vibe means you get to chat to the artist, put in requests and really get to know the music.
House Gig blue flamingo tommy ashby

3. Supports Live Music & Artists
We love live music!  Support it and check out the Musician Union’s #WorkNotPlay campaign.  Live Music Matters.

4. Local Community
No need to trek to a city centre or major venue.  Just get the neighbours together and get to know them better over some quality tunes.

5. Intimate
You’re allowed to heckle here.  Because as you’re in the living room it’s actually a ‘conversation’.  Ask questions, make your appreciation literally heard.  It’s intimate and highly enjoyable.  The musician is literally performing to YOU.

6. Fun & Different
Should have put this one first.  But it’s fun and a very different way to enjoy a night out.

Want to host a house gig?  Get in touch!