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Jasper and Ruby


Jasper & Ruby @ The Gore Hotel

Jasper & Ruby had the privilege of playing the wedding of Mr & Mrs Owen at the Gore Hotel this weekend.  So many congratulations.  It was a beautiful heart-felt day!

The hotel were so helpful in setting up – great customer service from the concierge team.

Thanks so much for having us!



Who inspires you?

Having people who inspire you to work, to dream bigger and to take risks is vital.  I thought I’d share a few individuals who, in no particular order, inspire me.

543388_926014902156_1706131254_nMy sister – Lani Charlwood (that’s us in the photo).  She’s so clever, so willing to help me with everything, so honest, so loyal, always willing to give me her time in every detail of my work and personal life.

Sarah Giblin – an entrepreneur I met online when I supported her RiutBag Kickstarter project.  She had a dream, stopped her day job, worked like an insane crazy lady and is now taking over the world with her one simple idea.

Pete Lee – a great soulful pianist.  I love the sound that comes out of his fingers – it’s like seeing into his soul.  His music makes my heart very happy.  He inspires my ears.

Created to Create Liz Mosley Designs Band Wedding Band London  Liz Mosley – an amazing creative graphic designer friend.  She has great ideas, effortless style and always has a smile on her face.  I love her work.  I have this print of hers in my work space.

Who inspires you?  Let us know in the comments below. 

– Leah @ BF