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Interview with Lawrence Olsworth-Peter, Artistic Director of the International Rameau Ensemble

A shot from Achante et Cephise last year at the Bloomsbury Theatre, extracts of which will be performed on November 22nd. Tickets available now at with Anna-Louise Costello, Katherine Blumenthal and Lawrence Olsworth-Peter.  (Photo: Chris Cowell)

A shot from Achante et Cephise, extracts of which will be performed on November 22nd. (Anna-Louise Costello, Katherine Blumenthal & Lawrence Olsworth-Peter. Photo: Chris Cowell)

Tell us a little bit about this new project, the International Rameau Ensemble.  Where did the idea come from?

I like getting people together for projects and I am also passionate about theatre.  Creating the International Rameau Ensemble was as much about building relationships and creating opportunities, as it was about the music itself.

Having said that, I also started this project to share how extraordinary Rameau’s music is and to spread it outside the ‘informed musical elite’.  His music is still relatively unknown in the UK although over the last couple of years major opera companies have been trying  their hand at it.  With the 250th anniversary of his death next year this is the perfect opportunity.

So do you think today’s modern audiences will respond to a rather unknown old French composer?

The thing that drew me to Rameau’s music when I was first introduced to it at music college was its flamboyant risk taking and sense of pageantry as well as the ability to pull on your heart strings so tenderly with gorgeous scrunchy harmonies.  It is the capacity to move the human spirit which makes it appealing to any audience!

Give us a teaser for the concert on November 22nd…

Our inaugural concert will follow the theme of ‘Amour’ which is so prevalent in Rameau’s work and will include interwoven scenes from some of his most wonderful characters such as a cynical fairy, a jealous tyrant, gods and separated lovers. All the players and singers play at the highest level around the world and have kindly agreed to donate their time for the love of this music.  There will also be a drinks reception afterwards.

Thanks Lawrence!  We’re looking forward to it, and you’ll see a review up here shortly afterwards… ~BF


Amour International Rameau Ensemble