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10 Top Summer Wedding Tips for Brides

 Arm your wedding party with water
Water may be one of the last things on your mind, but you will end up feeling lethargic and cranky if you become dehydrated and in the midday heat that can happen quickly. Have bottles of water everywhere – at the Church, at the venue, in your wedding car and in the bags of all of your bridesmaids and ushers. Your guests will thank you too as they are unlikely to head straight for the champagne on a hot day and are more likely to prefer some refreshing h2o.
Wear sunscreen
Apply sunscreen to all areas that will be exposed, at least 15 minutes before putting on your dress. This will ensure it doesn’t mark your outfit but will also mean you aren’t left looking like a tomato after your perfect day. The honeymoon does not want to start on a firey foot!
Choose music so good that people will want to be near it
If your venue is on the warm side, your guests are likely to head outdoors at the first polite opportunity. Choosing great music is essential to keeping the party vibe going even if guests disperse around the venue. With great grooves, they’re sure to return after a quick breather and you can dance your night away to your favourite tunes.
Take photographs in the shade and not in the heat of the day
The details of a white wedding dress will be blown in photographs if taken in direct sunlight, so choose a photographer who knows how to make the best use of shade and natural light to capture you and your new husband un-flustered and at ease. If you can, take some of your photos later in the evening when the temperature drops a few degrees. You’ll have much better light and your guests will thank you too!
 Keep the cake cool
The wedding cake is easily forgotten until the time comes to cut it, so make sure you remember to keep it away from direct light and in a cool shady spot, so that you don’t find a melted mess when it comes to its moment of glory.
Umbrellas are fun to keep cool as well as dry
Autumn, winter and spring brides almost always remember to buy some funky or wedding white umbrellas to make photos in the rain more fun and a lot drier. What you may not realise is that umbrellas can make photographs in the sunshine fun and beautiful too as the sunlight will diffuse through them to make for some perfect couple shoot lighting. They’ll keep you cool too if you choose to have your couple shoot where shade is hard to find.
Keep snacking
Keeping your blood sugar up as you chat to your guests is as important as keeping hydrated on a sunny day. Have a few snacks to hand with members of your wedding party to keep sugar and energy levels up. I promise you that you’ll still have room for that delicious wedding breakfast you’ve planned.
Put your feet up
Don’t believe for a second that just because it’s your wedding day, you are obliged to remain on your feet the whole time on the false belief that if you stop for a moment, then you aren’t making the most of the one day where all your loved ones are in one place. Take a couple of minutes out every now and then to sit down with some of your guests, put your feet up and cool down. As well as your feet thanking you, you’ll be energised to get back up with joy rather than dread.
Be flexible
If your band are able to play outdoors and the venue is happy with that – let them. If you need to pay for a few more drinks to keep people cool and hydrated – do it. If you need to rearrange your timetable so that people eat sooner – rearrange it (or ask the best man to). If one of your wedding party needs a break in the shade – encourage it. If you need to stop for a few moments – stop. Go with the flow and don’t let adhering to all of your perfectly laid plans mean that the sunshine spoils some of your experience.
Walk slowly
Your walk down the aisle should be cherished whether it’s snowing outside or scorchingly hot. Make the most of every footstep as you approach the man you love and see the joy on his face. The same applies the rest of the day. Avoid rushing around like a breathless bride as you won’t remember any of it. Take it easy. Walk slowly. Don’t allow others to rush you. Above all, take the time to enjoy the moments – the big ones, as well as the small ones.
~Lani Charlwood, Head of PR & Wedding Advisor at Blue Flamingo

Blue Flamingo Head of PR & Wedding Advisor: Lani Charlwood

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lani charlwood head of pr and wedding advisor with blue flamingo entertainments