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Support Led Bib with Kickstarter: an email from Chris Williams

Email from Chris Williams of Led Bib, 15th April 2013

Next year it’ll be 10 years since Bib first got together and Mark is planning an ambitious way to mark the occassion…a double release of a new studio album and a limited edition live LP from one of our recent Vortex gigs!

We had a bit of a break from playing and the two nights at the Vortex back in Feb were our first ones back. We were all fired up from playing again and it’s made us keen to get back in the studio. We’ve also really enjoyed hearing the recording back and are excited to be putting that out – our first vinyl release!

So, all of these plans will cost money. We’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign where people can pledge money. Essentially, you can pre-order the new releases and it’ll be sent out to you as soon as they’re done. There are also many other funny prizes that you can pledge for 😀

However, it’s all or nothing. If we don’t reach the target we get nada, and we only have 30 days to get there!

Anyway, have a look when you can and hope you can help!



Five Top Tips for Booking a Band for your Event…

1) Know what vibe you5toptips’re after…

…it makes a massive difference to what you book.

Background jazz as people enter with a cocktail in hand is very different to having a full on funky pop group singing away early in the night.  Plan for the different vibes of the evening – do you want elegance when people come in, or are you going straight for party-mode?  Do you want to surprise guests with secret singers?  Or would a string-quartet perfect the night?  Think about the progression of the event – what vibe do you want people to leave on?

2) Plan timings and routes – and know that everything always runs late…

…even if you’re super-organised.

Think about band set-up times and routes.  Does the band need to unload equipment – and if they’ve got late night sets – do you want them all sound-checked before guests start arriving?  Is there a sound curfew at the venue?  What provision is there if things run over?  Is there a space for the band to wait away from guests, and to store their cases?

3) Get a Contract – even if it’s a small band…

this protects both you and the musicians.

They’re fairly simple to put together – and it’s worth putting details in ahead of time to save you stress on the night.  Make sure you include: Set-up/set/pull down times – all of them – and also include a clause if things might run late.  What’s the latest the band can stay?  Also ensure that a clear cancellation policy is involved (for both parties).  It’s useful to put in a payment schedule, parking/unloading details, electricity sources, food/drinks availability, just to make sure it’s all covered.

4) Get payment details sorted ahead of time…

…this removes embarrassments and confusion.

Get it in writing (again: contracts important!) how and when you are going to pay.  If you’ve agreed cash on the night – make sure you know ahead of time precisely who you’re dealing with.  Get a mobile phone number if necessary.  It is usual custom to count the cash immediately, so choose a private place to conduct this.  Good bands/companies should also confirm in writing receipt of monies.  Do check if prices include VAT – if it is payable.

5) Once you’ve booked the band – you’ve got to trust them to do their job…

…so meet them beforehand.

Nothing will quite cement a contract like meeting someone involved face-to-face beforehand.  It will stop it simply being emails to an unknown stranger.  If this doesn’t work out – try and get a feel for the person with a telephone call (or two or three!).  If you trust the entertainment on the night – it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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