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Interview with Pianist Gabriel Latchin

Do you actually enjoy playing jazz the most?


What brought you into jazz?

My Grandmum bought me an Oscar Peterson compilation CD when I was a teenager. I had been playing the piano for a while already, but soon realised what music I was most into.

Did you study music at University then?

I went to Edinburgh and did Economics.  I wasn’t planning on being a musician back then.  I had a great time there and over time started to get involved in the jazz scene.  It was a fairly easy transition after I graduated.  Then I came back to London (where I’m from) and started at the Guildhall.

What’s the best lesson you’ve ever been taught that’s stuck with you?

Probably a lesson with Aaron Goldberg, and mainly because I recorded it and have listened to it so many times.  He talked in a lot of detail about some really important things I hadn’t been thinking about so much at the time.  Each time I listened back I understood another small detail in what he was trying to explain.

Who inspires you musically?

All the greats- Ella, Oscar, HerbieBill Evans and Hank Jones especially at the moment.  Ray Bryant doesn’t get too much of a mention.  Count Basie.  All those guys.

So what’s the best gig you’ve ever seen?

There have been many, but I really enjoyed an afternoon trio session with Benny Green, Steve Brown and Sam Burgess at Ronnie’s.  Steve let me know that they were hooking up for a play before the club opened.  All acoustic and I was the only one there.  It was really special.

Any Blue Flamingo gigs that stand out?

The afternoon one with Daoud Merchant and Tim Thornton was a lot of fun – for that street party!

What does an “average” day look like for you?

Practice, admin, maybe some teaching from home.  I have lots of plays at mine, a few times a week.  Gig somewhere in the evening I guess, or Orange Wednesdays with my girlfriend.

Do you have any ‘musical pet hates’ ?

I’m not a huge fan of fakers – guys who can’t play but try to wear the right hat and say the right thing.

If you’re not playing music, what do you like to do?

Movies, hanging with friends, Italian food…

First Published 2011


CULTURE STARVED KIDS: 6 in 10 kids never heard Classical Music Concert, 4 in 10 never been to an Art Gallery, survey reveals

Millions of British children have never been to an art gallery, theatre or stage show, it was revealed yesterday.

The ‘culture starved’ generation emerged in a study carried out among 2,000 parents of five to12 year-olds throughout the UK.

Incredibly, four in 10 children have never seen the inside of an art gallery, while 17 per cent haven’t visited a museum with their parents.

The research, which was commissioned by Visit Birmingham, also revealed that a quarter of children haven’t been to the theatre, while six in 10 have never heard or been to a classical music concert.

One in 10 kids hasn’t even left their home town to visit other sites in the UK.

Half of parents admit they make little effort to educate their children on culture or history, relying on schools to do so.

Instead, a third say they rely on schools to take full responsibility for sight-seeing trips and educational visits to local attractions

And as for seeing historical sites across the UK – by the time they reach their teens, the average child won’t yet have set eyes upon famous landmarks such as the London Eye, Angel of the North, the Houses of Parliament or Stonehenge.

Today’s children are more likely to think of ‘culture’ as modern technology such as computer games, the rise of the digital age and fast food restaurants.

When questioned on why they make no effort to make their children more ‘cultured’ and knowledgeable about past history, a fifth of parents claim their offspring simply wouldn’t be interested.

From Visit Birmingham