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Kentucky Update

Who would have known that Cowboy Hats and checked shirts would have caused such joy for 6 jazz boys from London? Indeed – today was a day filled with all things Southern! After picking up equipment from the most massive church any of us have ever seen, and then rehearsing our predominantly American setlist, and then heading to the Mall, BFJ are learning the Southern Ways…

1) Biscuits and Gravy. Savoury scone-like object, with a thick, white sausage type mayonnaise sauce (the gravy). Cut scone in half, put AT LEAST an inch of gravy on. Eat with knife and fork (unusual for here…)

2) Although the State’s biggest exports are horse racing, bourbon and tobacco – drinking and bars have totally different social connotations…

3) We love the Southern names. Our driver is called Elvis, another driver today we had was called Patience, and our driver yesterday was Janey. That, and they totally don’t understand Huw’s name and spelling.

4) We loved our sound men today Aaron and Jack. They listen. They help. They watch. A musician’s dream. Thank-you Aaron and Jack!

5) The mayor came to our gig today – a very lovely lady to whom we owe big things!

Okay – my list is now turning into simply stuff we did today… We had our first gig – in a venue where we’ll have a residency for the next week and a bit. Favourite audience tune to date: Eleanor Rigby in uptempo Ska Style Tomorrow morning is chilling out, then two gigs in the afternoon/eve.

Here are some pictures of our day.


Leah in Freddie’s Stetson
Day 2: Soundcheck
Day 2: Soundcheck
The coolest kids in the band: P & R
The coolest kids in the band: P & R